El Ateo High Proof Tequila Review

100% additive-free. All the agaves are from Guanajuato, which is actually really unusual and very cool. This is 50.


50%, yep. So this is lot 1 that was a Mexican only release, lot 2 is coming to the USA soon. It's going to be I think $85 or something like that, really? So you know, up there for sure for a blanco, but let's see how we like it.

All right.


It's a relatively light nose actually, considering how much agave is packed in there.


It's got some soil character in it. It's not straight agave nose or kind of citrus. It's got a little more like, like forest flora depth to it.


Holy cow.

There's a lot of flavor in that for it being a 50%.

That's almost syrupy. I mean, the mouthfeel on that is so thick and juicy and ripe, but like that's wow! It's like coating my whole mouth.


That's a bomb of agave, holy mackerel. That's one of the most agave for tequilas I've ever had. That is right up my alley.

Yeah, it is.

I am a fan of that approach for sure.

For me that's a 9.

Wow! A 9, ok.

9 for me.

All right, I'm going to give it a 7. High-proof Blancos aren't always my thing.

It's a lot for you.

Yeah, it's a lot for me, but it's still good. Yeah.

And a really cool bottle and awesome packaging too. So coming out relatively soon, El Ateo the big bang.

Look for it.

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