El Bandido Yankee Anejo Tequila Review

Would you commit a crime to drink this new Añejo?



This is El Bandido Yankee Añejo. It is from NOM 1107, new additive-free, and it is aged one year in American Oak. Super good price as well for Añejo. Made by a female. I used to the distiller, Karina Rojo. That is Karina. I like when the packaging allows us, gives us notes for the video, that's fantastic. I like the nose. Yeah, it's nice. It's like a little sweet, not overwhelming. Yeah, very pleasant. Not oaky. Really tasty. Wow. It's light for an Añejo. Very light for an Añejo. Mm-Hmm. That's easy to drink. They oxygenate their tequila a lot to round it off, and it really does work in this one. I will say, if you're somebody who loves like bourbon style Añejos, this is not your guy. Okay with that. To me, this is like a Reposado plus. Uhhuh. This kind of how I would characterize this. And I don't love Añejos typically, so I actually really, really like this expression. I think it's a really nice job, subtle sweetness, harmonious, not super duper complex, but especially for the price, I think it's really nice. And some people will love, love, love this. Like a lot of wood in their face. I dig it. What's your score for this one? I'm going to give it an eight. I liked it. It's very fairly priced. Uh, I'm a fan. Yeah, I'm going to say the same actually. I think it's a really fair price.

Maybe eight and a half. El Bandido Yankee Añejo, look for it.

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