El Gran Legado Reposado Review

Raise your hand if you love great reposado El Gran Legado Reposado, brand new, additive-free.

From Cascahuin. Nom 1123. 40% ABV.

$79 or so. Aged four months in a combination of American oak barrels, sherry barrels, and french cognac barrels.


Ooh la la.


Good smell.

It's almost like a blanco plus, right? You still have a lot of agave character in this. Yes, it's lovely.

This is good. This is definitely like your type of tequila.

This is a 10 for me. I absolutely love this Reposado. I think it is incredible. One of the best I've ever had actually.

And this is a 7 for me. I like it too. Good tequila.

Yeah. And you're not as reposado, like.


Yeah. This kind of style is not necessarily your favorite style. But that's why we make this channel, right? Like there's no right answer. There's just an answer that's right for me and sometimes right for you.

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