El Tesoro Tequila Event

Last week, I had the great pleasure of going to New York to a launch event with El Tesoro Tequila. The views at this event were amazing. How amazing? They were this amazing. Absolutely on top of the world. El Tesoro Tequila is made by Carlos and Jenny Camarena. They launched two new tequilas in their Mundial series.



One is aged in Knob Creek Rye Barrels, and the other in Laphroaig Scotch Barrels. Both of these are 12-month añejos. I really like both of them. They're very different, though. I was skeptical of the Laphroaig, but it's actually super interesting. The peatiness is light and gives the tequila a clean, sharp, mineral, smoky vibe that's actually great.

Both of these bottles will be $175. More Knob Creek will be available than the Laphroaig edition. Here's Carlos talking about the Laphroaig project. The Laphroaig, which is our second one edition for the Laphroaig it is going all the way to Scotland and experimenting with the ease and the peatiness of the land of Scotland, bringing it into tequila, and try to create something that would honor both tequila without losing our spirit as tequila producers.

But at the same time trying to capture the best of a different spirit, the best of both worlds. And that's why we call this Mundial, because it is getting the expertise of these good friends from other parts of the world.

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