Entremanos Blanco Tequila Review

Breaking news!

New tequila brand you need to know: It is Entre Manos!

Additive-free, Blanco only.

All natural yeast, very ripe, mature agave. It's about $70 or so. See the bio for how to purchase this. It literally just showed up in the US like a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah. They also created a nonprofit to support women in the tequila industry, which is awesome! And we love their packaging.

Oh, it is so cool. It looks so great on the bar with the rope and just the style of the recycled glass, really, really beautiful packaging. Let's say, let's give it a shot here.

All right, cheers!

Oh, wow!

Tasty! It goes down very easily. Very easily. No burn, super smooth. Very agave forward, but it's different. It's got a different agave character than some of the other kind of high-end Blancos that we've had, not nearly the black pepper.

Very good! I think I would give it like an 8, 8.5. It's good!

Yeah! 8.5 for me as well. I think, it's a really nice choice.

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