Flecha Azul Blanco Tequila Review

This tequila is owned by Mark Wahlberg. Flecha Azul Blanco.

Made in a stone oven. Let's see what we think here, Maddie. All right. $50, I think $55 for the Blanco. 



Yeah. So a little, you know, it's up there a little bit. Yeah. It's got some nice cooked agave sweetness on the nose. Yeah, it doesn't have a bad smell. I would say average. Like it's nothing memorable for me but.. I get a little bit of a maybe a stone fruit, like a little bit of a peach on the nose as well. It's nice. I don't mind the nose at all. Yeah. Pretty soft. Yeah. Not very hot. No, not too harsh. The taste is pretty good. What gets me though is the finish. Yeah. Yeah, I don't love the, it's got like a kind of a burnt rubber kind of a finish that I don't love. It's not bad at the beginning. The longer it's with me, It becomes like an unwanted house guest a little bit. In a mix, right? Like totally fine in a cocktail. You want to go make kind of a strong mix to kind of overwhelm that burnt taste at the end. The spectacular margarita mix from our friends at Q. Good choice. Easiest margarita you can possibly make in the world. Open the can, put it in. I'm going to give it a 6. Would be good in a margarita. I don't mind the flavor, but the finish isn't my favorite, so six. Adequate. Definitely works in a pinch cocktail. 6 as well. Six and a six, Flecha Azul. 

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