Fortaleza Rareties

Let's try some special Fortaleza bottles. Woo. This one is the Mission 1530 Project Reposado. This is aged for 11 months in 500 liters, so very large French Cognac Casks, about 47% ABV on this one.


All of the proceeds from this one go to the Tequila Interchange Project, which is a great cause.


This is the very special "Amor Y Perros" Reposado at about 41% ABV. Quarter of this was aged for a year and a half in Sherry casks. You can see how much darker it is than this one. Yeah.

Yeah. And all of the proceeds from this one go to Dog Rescue in the Tequila Region. Okay.


Okay. Cheers. Ooh.

It's crazy.

That's tasty.

It's like drinking angel tears. I mean, it's just so balanced. It's just wild.

Yeah. I haven't been drinking, like sipping tequila straight for a while. And this is a great one to come back to. Delicious.

Amor Y Perros.

Ooh, that's smooth.

Isn't it nice.

Sherry barrels is that what you said?

Sherry barrels. Yeah. They're very different. If you had to pick one, what would you go with?

I actually think I would go with this one.

The Amor Y Perros

yeah. This one.

Just a little bit more flavor overall, but this is so harmonious.

Easy to drink. They're both incredible. They're both delicious. I think. I would say the same maybe. I think this one's, because of the Sherry,

I think just a little bit more memorable.

Yeah. I agree.

Right. So yeah. But I mean of crates of course. Great choices. See you next time.


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