Gabby Flores Camarena Metaphor for Blanco v. Repo v. Anejo Tequila

Hey, we're here today at La Alteña with Gaby Flores Camarena, and one of the things that you shared with us today was a metaphor between the Blancos versus the other expressions. Could you maybe share that here?


I was telling you that the Blanco is like having a portrait of the process and the agave. Because if you have a really well-trained palette, when you try a tequila blanco, you can identify how it was made, how mature this agave was. I'm not at that point yet, but that's something that I'm aspiring to.

That's okay! That's me, too. We're getting there.

Yeah. But at the end, this is the final product of my process on the agave. This is my art, my portrait. But this is a work of art. So I decide that it's not worth to have that photo just hiding on my phone and show it to certain people sometimes. I want to expose that photo. So what I'm going to do is to hang it on the wall of my living room. What I need to do is to enlarge that photo, add a little frame, and hang it on the wall. And that will be the reposado. It's the same photo, the same base of what I have from the beginning, but I add that little frame, that will be the wood from the barrel. And that is going to help us to have a little more intensity. It's going to enhance what I already had.

So a little more appreciation maybe.

Yeah, you can appreciate it more. It's not going to hide what you already had and just compliment it.


The main character is always the agave. If we are talking about the añejos and the extra añejos, maybe I'm talking about something, some photo that I perceived as really a work of art.


It's not worth to have it only hanging on the wall of my living room so what I'm going to do is to take that photo into a museum. Yes. But that little frame is not enough in there. What I need is a frame of more intense wood. Yeah, a larger frame. Yes! Maybe some carved wood or some fine wood, something that is going to catch more the eye, but still is not going to be more intense than what I already had on my glass, my tequila blanco or my agave. It's something that is going to help us appreciate it more.

Yeah. And that was the best metaphor, we all loved it today, and thank you so much for having us.

Oh, thank you for being here.

Of course!


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