General Gorostieta Blanco Review

This tequila is tall and slender, like one of us. Oh my god. General Gorostieta Blanco. General Gorostieta Blanco, relatively new brand from 1414. Enrique Grostieta, who was a freedom fighter after the Mexican Revolution. Actually, the top of the bottle here has the Mexican eagle, which is part of the national flag.


Oh, cool. Back in those days, early 1900s, if I have my facts, right? This is also one of the tequilas made at this distillery. They use the Mozart method where they play classical music during fermentation because the yeast is like... wow! That's so interesting. The tequilas from this distillery always have that lovely sweet nose.

It's the yeast for sure in the agave.

Tasty. Black pepper for days, a little bit of olive brine, a lot of concentrated agave flavor. This is up my alley. I'm guessing you like it, but don't love it.

Yeah, honestly, I mean, I taste a little bit of pepper, but not overwhelming for me. I think it's pretty easy drinking. Not a huge long finish. I wouldn't say it's massively complex.

No. There's not tons of layers of flavor, but the layers are there are really well executed. Additive-free, I think $65 or something for the Blanco. I dig it. It comes in a really nice box too. Good presentation. All right. I'm going to say 8. And I'm going to go 7.

I like it. Yeah. I like it for a Blanco. General Gorostieta Blanco. 8 7.


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