Guy Fieri and Sammie Hagar Own This Tequila Brand!

Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar own this tequila brand, but should you drink it?

Santo Reposado. Yep.

Additive free, aerated as well to kind of soften it up a little bit, let's see what you think.


Four or five months in used American Oaks, a little longer than it needs to be as a Reposado and I think to be able to tell that in the body.


Think about this tequila, and actually all the products from this distillery, you just get such a sense of earth, right? It's like wet soil, wet leaves, forest floor. It's just really, really like the terroir if you don't be too nerdy about it, it just tastes like soul. I like it a lot, it's nice. It's not that light kind of fruity minerally type tequila at all. No, it smells super earthy. Yeah, wet is a weird way to describe it, but very accurate. Um. It doesn't have that really oaky, butterscotchy caramel character that you get from some Reposado, it's just really different. Yeah. I actually, it's very tasty. Mm-hmm. It's easy to drink. It really is. For sure. Yep. And it's not super hot. It's just a solid tequila all the way around. I think it's a good effort. I dig it. I like their Blanco too, but I think their Reposado was my favorite of their tequilas. What do you give it? I'm going to give it an eight. I actually really like it. I don't love drinking stuff straight, but in a Paloma Yeah. Would be really top notch. I really enjoyed it. It's not too hot cause I don't like when things are too peppery and hot. And yeah, like you said, it's earthy.

It's pretty good. Yeah, I'd like it too. I also give it an eight.


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