How Does Additive-Free Tequila Work?

There are about 100 tequilas that are confirmed as additive-free, but how does that list actually get created?

The Tequila Matchmaker team samples every tequila looking to be confirmed as free of additives. If those samples pass the taste test... And yes, experienced tequila tasters can pick up on heavy additives, especially sweeteners and oak extract.



If it passes the initial taste test, the Tequila Matchmaker team goes to the distillery. And at the distillery, they witness with their own eyes the second distillation, when it becomes tequila. They then taste that tequila right off the still. They taste it before it's bottled. They taste it in the barrel. They taste it before it's filtered. They taste it several times. And if anything is off kilter or wonky, then they perform an actual chemical laboratory test and they check for specific additives, typically common sweeteners and glycerin. If everything checks out, the brand is then confirmed as additive-free and is added to the list of brands.

Now, confirmation is done on a yearly basis. First year participation is totally free. Renewals are done on a voluntary contribution basis. The Tequila Matchmaker website and mobile app has the complete list of 100, and counting, brands that have been confirmed as additive-free. Drink what you like, friends. But know what you're drinking.

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