How to Choose a Distillery for Your Tequila Brand


This is Todd Bottorff. He is one of the co-founders of TC Craft, Additive-Free Premium Tequila. Man, what a location. It's my first time here. It is absolutely gorgeous. How did you pick this one, and what is the process like?

Well, we started out, and we hired a tequila scout, and we talked to them about additive-free flavor profile, exactly what we wanted. And they narrowed it down to about a dozen. Blind taste, tested it with ourselves and a group of bartenders, liquor store owners, all our friends.


And ranked them 1 to 12. And so that got us to the distillery. We settled on Azteca because it was exactly what we wanted.

And then, came down here and worked up the recipe for the specific profile we wanted for TC Craft.

That's a rigorous mathematical process. You actually did a lot of testing, even to narrow it down to the distillery. That's really amazing.

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