How to Convince Your Friends to Drink Better Tequila


Hey Maddie, I got a question for you. So like you're out all the time with like friends and you got a lot of younger friends and they order some terrible tequila at the bar. Like what do you? Like, what do you tell them? Well, this happens to me quite a bit because I'm at that age where, you know, we go out to bars. My friends love tequila. They're really big fans of a tequila that tastes very vanilla-y that has very good marketing and they think it's good because it's more expensive than just the house. But I tell them, obviously there's a lot of tequila brands and a lot that are really well-made, and then some that are not well-made that have good marketing, so I'll pick a bottle off of the shelf at the bar and I'll say, okay, we're going to order this and you're going to try it, and you can tell me if you think it tastes better than the one that you're used to. And honestly, it works a lot. I've convinced a lot of my friends to switch over to additive-free and to drink ranch waters because it makes them feel better the next day. 

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