How to Pick the Right Tequila for Shots

Here's the truth!

It's okay to do tequila shots. Sometimes you just need a shot.

We're actually selling these amazing, amazing shot glasses in our store.

Super cool. So if you're going to do shots, don't spend a ton of money. We want something that doesn't have a lot of burn, additive-free. Right?

Yeah, I mean, let's be honest. Expensive shots is a dumb flex.

Yeah! It's a waste of money. So what would you choose here, Maddie, in the wall of tequila?

I would go with probably Tres Agaves or Authentico. -Tres Agaves or Authentico. I would look at, maybe Viva Mexico would be delightful. Or Arete. I'll go with Arete.

Okay! I'm going to go with Authentico.

All right! Cheers!

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