Innovation in Tequila

Does this make you mad or happy?

I mean, we're talking about innovation in tequila today.

Yeah. And the tequila business is very competitive.

Yeah. There's so many brands, and so they're trying to like stand out somehow, right, to do something different. So you've got a lot of different variations happening now.

Yep. You've got tequila that's aged in wine barrels like this, Montegave, and the Inspiro.

This new one Dos Angeles, just came out. You've got tequila's aged in coffee barrels, like our friends at Quintaliza.

You've got some tequila that has some extra smoke in it. Like this, Patrón Ahumado.

You've got tequila that's got infused agave in it, like Curado.

And then also tequila that has infused fruit in it, like this Espanita Grapefruit.

So that's a lot of things. And I guess the question like is this like a good trend, right? I mean, or are we going to end up like vodka, where we have birthday cake flavored tequila? Like I can see it, but I... What do you think?

I mean, I don't know. Let us know what you think. Meet us in the comments, and let's discuss together.

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