Is Don Julio or Casamigos Tequila Better?

Casamigos versus Don Julio, who you got?

I don't know, let's see. These are both reposados. These brands are both owned by Diageo.



We don't know which is which here. Want to start on that outside one? Yeah. Okay. It's a little lighter than the inside one. Yeah, it is. That's fairly sweet. Uh huh. I mean...

It's not, like the worst but its definitely got candy bubblegum kind of look to it. Yeah. It's really thick in the mouth. Yeah, it is. It's sweet but it's not... it's not horrible. No, it's a little perfumey, more so, than sweet. Yeah, it's very flowery. Yeah. Inside one. Okay. Oh. Wow! That is so different. Yeah, this is like pancake.

That's amazing. Yeah.

Wow. Huh. That is sugary and vanilla-ey for sure. Yeah. Oh wow, I like get vanilla on my breath after that. Oh. For me, no question. It's the outside one. No, I agree. I mean like by a mile. Well, and I like sweet, but this is just a fake sweet. Don't love either of these, but this one is definitely, significantly better... I agree ...than this one.

Which is this one? Don Julio. Don Julio Reposado vanquishes Casamigos. There you go, folks. You heard it here first.

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