Is Regular or High Proof Tequila Better for Margaritas?


Does stronger tequila make for a better margarita?

We put it to the test. We're using this new Q Spicy Mango Margarita Mix.

Let's see what we think. All right. Of the two of these, is that right?

The color is very mangoey.

It's bright. That's yummy, and it's not too spicy, but it has a little kick.

Very summer, very summer friendly. Okay, good. Nice job, Q. All right. This is the high-proof. See if we can even tell a difference. Oh, definitely a difference.

Big difference.


But I actually, in this prefer the...

Me too

This is so fruity and strong.

I completely agree. And I think that's the lesson here. The more intense your mix, the more you might want to go with a high-proof to cut that sweetness or whatever the mix is.

If it's a lighter mix, like a ranch water or even a Paloma, maybe you want to go regular strength because otherwise it tastes pretty boozy. This has been a great experiment. I'm glad we did this.


Look for this mix. It's delicious for something this strong.



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