Is Single Barrel Tequila Different?

Single Barrel versus Regular Reposado. Does it make a difference? This is El Gran Legado from NOM 1123 Cascahuin, one of our favorite brands. All the agaves for this brand made in Michoacán, grown in Michoacán, which is a little bit unusual. This is the regular repasado, 40% ABV. We reviewed this on the channel. I loved it. You liked it quite a bit as well. It's just a really soft, delicate, I think we called it Blanco Plus at the time.


Still great.

Yeah. Good.

This new one just came out is a Single Barrel Reposado aged four or five months in very specific, Rabbit Hole Bourbon barrels. 53% ABV. Yeah.


Made in honor of the brand owner Steve Vera's grandfather, quite a bit.

Much darker. Yeah. And a much higher ABV. It is tasty, but they're very different.

This is packed with flavor.


It this is like this, if you like concentrated it down like a red wine reduction sauce, it's this. It's amazing.


Both really good, but super different.

And I think that's the lesson, right?

Uhhuh. Yeah, people ask all the time, does a single barrel really, is it different than the original? And obviously, in this case, in color and in taste, it really is.

If you see single barrels, think about getting them. And big news, we've got three single barrels coming out soon.

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