Is this the best inexpensive tequila money can buy? Arette Blanco

Is this the best inexpensive tequila money can buy?

It's Arette Blanco!

Arette is actually the name of a horse! Which you probably did not expect.



 Name of the horse of a Mexican Olympic gold medalist in a horse jumping. This is made at 1109 in the Valley of Tequila. Additive free as well, which is pretty cool. Let's give it a shot.


They aerate this tequila as well. They pump oxygen into it and stuff to make it a little softer.

Okay. I was going to say it's not. I'm not picking up a ton on the nose.

Subtle. Subtle.


But a little bit, a little grassy, a little citrus. It's nice.

Yeah, it is nice.

All right! Yeah, solid!

Nothing wrong with this at all.

It's pretty good! It's not quite sweet enough maybe for me to drink straight but I would mix it.

Absolutely! Got a little pepper characteristic to it, some softness, definitely some residual sweetness from the agave. Very easy to drink. I think it's right up there with the best, inexpensive tequilas in the world. And as you said, I don't know that I would reach for this around a fireplace. But in a Paloma with the Q sparkling grapefruit, oh baby! Bring it to me! What do you give this one?

I think I'm going to give this one a seven. Very solid.

I also am going to give Arette Blanco a seven. Good choice if you're looking for a tequila that won't break the budget. Arette Blanco!

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