Jay Baer's Primo Single Barrel Review

It's my first ever Jay Baer single barrel tequila. Do I like it?

I'm guessing you do.

I do indeed. We worked on this with Primo from 1579. 


One barrel, one barrel only of brand new French Oak with American Oak heads in the barrels. This comes in at 44% ABV. Is very, very flavorful additive-free. There's maybe 175 bottles available period.

So if you want one, act fast. You ever have one of those Girl Scout cookies that's just like the sugar cookie shortbread?

Yeah, yeah.

That's what this smells like to me.

Yeah. It smells really good.

It is really nice. Pedro Camarena, Felipe Camarena, they did a great job on this. It's spicy. It's got a lot of flavor because of the brand new barrels, but then the finish really smooths out.

It's a reposado because it's 61 days, but this is like blanco plus.


There's so much agave still in this and that's personally the style of reposado that I prefer.

I do like this though because it has a little more flavor and it's not quite as hot as the regular blanco. Really good.

For me this is a 10 all day long. I will keep drinking this forever. No surprise, and I'm saying that honestly, not just because it's got my name on the bottle, right there. Maddie, you?

All right, mine's going to be a 9.

Of course.

I really liked it.

But you're not going to spend $95 on it. So you're telling me?

No, I will. I would buy it, although I'm hoping I get one for free.



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