Jekyll and Hydeball Cocktail

Another new cocktail for you. This one's called the Jekyll & Hydeball. It's got a little spicy in it, Maddie, which is not.


We'll see how this goes.

Yeah, we'll see.


All right. We start off with 1 ½ oz of tequila. We're going to use the incredible G4 blanco. What else goes in here?

All right, I'm going to need this. we got 1 oz of pineapple juice, right? And then a couple dashes of Tabasco. Okay. And then we add some Q sparkling grapefruit, which is our very favorite. Give that a little stir.

Nice sunsety color.

Yeah. And then how do we garnish this, Maddie?

All right. We're going to garnish it with some peppers of some sort. I'm not really sure what kind these are but...

Hot red peppers.

They look like little devil horns.

Devil horns. The cutest. The cutest. All right.

The cutest.

Let's try it.

All right.

You ready?

Yep. Oop

You confident?

Oh, don't lose your devil horn.

I know.


Oh, that's good. It's not too hot.

No, it's delicious.

You probably could add more Tabasco.


I would opt not to, but or put a few of these seeds in there, depending on how you like spice.

With the pineapple juice. Wow.


Jekyll & Hydeball, get it.

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