Kokoro Tequila

What's inside this incredible, mysterious bottle?

These are incredible, mysterious bottles. This is a Kokoro. They've got two expressions, a Plata and a Limitada. Limitada is super cool, it's like a hoven. They take, once the tequila is finished, they soak cooked agave in the tequila for 10 days to give it more like agave-ness.

I love this tequila for gifting because it's such a cool packaging, right? It feels really neat. Actually, go to our bio and learn how to save 15% on this incredible tequila. It's actually our tequila of the month.

Alright, let's do the Plata first. Okay, Plata. Ooh, that's nice. Good! The sweetness at the end of that, really noticeable.

I get some black pepper on this and some licorice kind of vibes too.

Yeah, definitely black pepper. Right up, right up, right up my alley.

Yeah, more so than you.

But it's good.

The Limitada, only a thousand bottles made in the run. So like four barrels. Only have like a hundred and something bottles left.

Oh, wow!

So get on it. If you're going to get on it, it's pretty special.


Wow. You can, I mean, it's so concentrated on the nose, right? It just, it smells like sweet, sweet concentrated agave.

Smells good.


Ooh. Wow.

That's yummy. It's almost syrupy, right?

I would say it's definitely sweeter than this one.

Yeah, I mean that agave soaked in there, like makes a real difference. That's really interesting. Both are really good. The Limitada definitely special. I mean, there's hardly any of them out there and it's a different process.

Is definitely my favorite, but both good.

Both really good. The Limitada is super cool. Give it a shot. Kokoro.

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