LaGrimas del Valle Review

A new high proof blanco that demands your attention. LaGrimas del Valle.

Each edition of this tequila is made from the agave from a single rancho, so it's not just like agave from wherever. It's like this is from this field, this place at this time. So it's much more like a wine-based terroir style which I think is brilliant.



When they make the next edition of this it will taste different and that's on purpose, not on accident. Additive free. 46%. So it's definitely up there a little bit.


And we'll see how that goes for you.

All right.

I'm a little concerned, Maddie, for you. Oh yeah.


Very heavy forward. You get some of that quintessential kind of white pepper, black pepper character as well.

Uhhuh all the things from the earth, huh?

That's the stuff... you definitely know, you can tell that it's over proofed.


And it definitely has a little more fire to it than a regular 40% ABV tequila. But it's not overwhelming, certainly.

No, no, I agree. I feel like it goes pretty smooth in the beginning and then it gets a little bit hot. Not, not horrible.

No, I really like it. Especially for those people who like High Proof Blanco, this is a nice choice. It doesn't quite have as much nuance as maybe a couple of other ones what I've had. But this price is really good too. I think they're asking $60 for this. That's a very fair deal, I would say.

I mean the smell, I don't know. It's not like my favorite thing ever, but it's not horrible. I'm going to give it a 6 I think, could maybe go 7. I'm not as into the higher proof, I think.

I mean, yeah, I mean just Blancos not all for you, is at necessarily your jam. So to go High Proof Blanco was like...


I would give this an 8.5, but we don't have an 8.5 score, so I'm going to give this a 9 medallion, but it's probably an 8.5 for me. It's a great effort, especially first time out.

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