Like a Mojito but Different

This cocktail is called the Sotol and Sage.

It's kind of like a mojito. Yeah. But with like a lot of different ingredients.



So about 10 sage leaves. Yep. And then about an ounce of fresh squeeze lime juice. Nice. And pour that in there. And then muddle that up a little bit.

So this drink calls for Sotol. We love Los Magos. These guys are an amazing Sotol producer. A couple ounces of the Los Magos. Yeah. And then after you do that, we're also going to do about half an ounce of the agave syrup, little agave syrup or agave nectar, whichever. Yep, yep. I'm going to do a little of that guy a little squeeze here.

I'm not going to overthink this. Okay. That's great. And now we're going to shake. Shake it up.

It's coming. There we go. All right. Strain it into the glass.

And then we're going to top it with some Q mixers club soda. Q Club soda. Okay.

Ooh. Ooh. That's nice. That is nice. It's really sagy. It's earthy and delicious. Ooh. I would never think to put sage in a drink. Yeah, but it's not like Thanksgiving...

but it's good.

It doesn't taste like a Thanksgiving Turkey or anything. The lime really freshens it up. And so this Sotol is so good.

Ooh, this is a nice, nice drink.


Sotol and sage.

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