Lost Lore Tequila Review

Is this a new tequila brand that you should try?

Lost Lore!

Lost Lore, Blanco, also Reposado and Añejo out, currently available California and Illinois. You can get it online, go to our bio to find it. $50 or so, additive-free, made at Nom 1414. Isn't this bottle beautiful though?


Yeah, I just was actually noticing that. It's really pretty.

Handmade glass, like, and it's heavy.


This smells right up your alley.

Oh! man, this is it!

I can tell that you're going to like this.

You know that.

Just by the smell.

You know by nose.


We've had a lot of tequilas from 1414 on this show. This is one of my favorites for sure.

All right.


It's so concentrated. It's like just agave.

It's almost like, it's almost like an agave chewing gum.

Yeah. It's too peppery for me, but it's still very tasty.


This is one of the ones, even though we're starting to taste more the same.

Yeah. This is going to be the ones I think we're not...

we have a difference of opinion. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. What do you think on this one?

Score wise?


I'm going to give it a 6.


It's too peppery for me, and I'm not quite there yet. I'm not quite a tequila nerd yet.

What's the thing that this almost tastes, it's so agave forward. It almost tastes like it's a high-proof.


You know what I mean?


But it's not, which is amazing.

Uh huh.

So for me, this is like love language. This is a 9 all day.


I really, really like this Lost Lore.


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