Make a Ranchwater Using Drafttop

This might be the easiest way to make a ranchwater.

This is a Drafttop, not a sponsored post. We just think it's pretty cool. So you put this on here, right? And then you rotate it. Rotate the seal like this, right? And then you twist the can. I heard it open. I heard something happen. Look at that. Oh wow.



How about that? Right? Amazing. So then you pour a little bit of this out and put it in one of this agave mugs. We're selling these on our store. Amazing. Don't want to waste it. Then tequila time. All right, we're going to do some Carabuena Blanco. A little bit of that. Carabuena in there. Maybe a little more. Yep. All right.

The lime juice. And then half an ounce of lime juice. Throw a pinch of salt in there, Maddie all right. Tiny bit of salt. Little squeeze lime, maybe. All right. Some lime. Throw that in there, Jay. Give it a shot. Look at this. All right. Delicious. Not sharp either, which is really cool. No glass required. Great for outdoors, great for the boat, great for by the pool. Drafttop. Pretty cool.

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