Make a Super Easy Ranch Water with Espanita Tequila

Do you want to make an easy, better ranch water fast?

Use these Espanita lime or grapefruit infused tequilas.

This is real and this is natural color folks. This is such a great idea. Espanita takes a Blanco tequila and then they infuse it, lime or grapefruit for like two months.



So it's very, very slow process. 35% ABV. These are about $30, $31 a bottle, which is super fair. We're going to give it a shot. We're going to get a little bit of a.. Ranch water. I'm not measuring a ranch water. That just feels like unnecessary. I'm just going straight in.


A little grapefruit, a little lime.

Yeah, that color is crazy.

It's beautiful, right? Okay, Maddie, what else?

All right. We're going to use some Topo Chico.

Topo Chico.

In both.

I like to throw in a little bit of salt into my ranch water. I just feel like it helps a little bit. Now, obviously we're not putting lime into this because in theory it's already in the tequila.

We'll just garnish.



Wow! You can taste the lime.

Absolutely, and the grapefruit too.



This is so pretty, too. Oh my goodness. These are really tasty.

Really tasty. And how long did that take us to make?

Like 30 seconds?

And so, if you want to make a ranch water better, the Espanita infused lime, there's a pineapple as well. Give it a shot.

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