March Sadness - Which Tequila is the WORST? Round 1

Which of these is worse?


- It's March Sadness, the Bad Tequila Playoffs. In this bracket, it's the Jose Cuervo bracket. It's Jose Cuervo Tradicional versus 1800. Let's see which is worse.

- Ooh! All right!

- That's tequila?

- Yep!

- Oh! Wow! I think the first one is worse.

- I agree.

-In the Cuervo bracket, the worst tequila, March Sadness, is Jose Cuervo Tradicional. In the Diageo bracket is Casamigos versus Don Julio Blanco. Let's see what happens. Whoa! That's straight feet.

- Yeah, that is not so very good.

- That's bad. Okay! That's sweet. But... I think the first one was worse.

- They're bad. They're both bad in a very different way.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah! This is like sweet, but...

- I think the second one is worse just because it's so fake.

- Okay. We could go with the second one.

- So the worse in the Diageo bracket was...

- Casamigos.

- In the next round, Casamigos will face off against...

- Jose Cuervo.

- Join us in the next edition of March Sadness, the Bad Tequila Playoffs.


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