March Sadness - Which Tequila is the WORST? Round 4

At long last, our nightmare is over. We're at the finals of March Sadness the bad tequila playoffs.


Thank goodness. Casamigos versus Hornitos.

It really tastes like grass to me.

Oh, interesting. That's kind of nightmare fuel. Okay.

I mean, if you're looking to make like a green smoothie, maybe you could pour this in with that.

Yeah. All right. No, I don't like that. Wow! That's a bad nose.

Well, I can say they're both not very good.

No, this one's definitely sweeter.


I like the nose of the first one better.


This nose is not good.


This one finishes sweet.


Very fakey sweet.


But the other one, the flavor itself is, it's...

It just super disjointed. It's not harmonious at all.

I kind of think this one's better.

I agree. Like the other one, I don't even think I could put in a margarita. Like it's just like...

Look at you.

I know. It's just not very good.

All right. The first one is the worst.

Which is it?

What? I got to know. I got to know. Wow! I can't believe it. Like when we started March Sadness, I thought Hornitos would maybe be the best one.


And it turns out, at least according to us in our playoffs, it was the least good.


Of all the tequilas. So that's it. Like doing it blind makes a big difference. Quick note, we don't necessarily recommend any of these tequilas, but we recommend this one

the least. And we learned that in March Sadness.


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