Mexican Dreamsicle Shot

We're going to make a shot, which we almost never do, but Hey, let's try it. Woo. All right! Woo! This is the Mexican Dreamsicle. All right. So we're going to make two of these. One for each of us.



This is a Cazcanes No.7 Blanco delish. So two of these. Okay. One, two. And then we're going to mix in with this a half ounce, this TOASTED Orange Peel.

This is a relatively new company. A couple of guys from Texas. They have a whole line of like gourmet, simple syrups. Delicious. Yummy. It's super well-made, too. Okay.

All right, Maddie, top these with a little whipped cream, will you? Okay. I can do that. Enough that we can actually still get at it.

Mmm! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Good! So delicious. It's a little shooter. Yep. Next time you're having a party, Mexican Dreamsicle.

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