Midland's Tequila Brand - Insolito! How It Was Created

Maddie was just on a cruise with the country band Midland, who also own Insolito Tequila. She asked them some questions about it.

- I'm with Mark, Jess and Cam, and we're just going to ask them a couple questions about their tequila brand, Insolito.

- Yeah! We're... We're three of the co-founders and we created this tequila from the ground up. We started working on it in 2017. It was three years of hard work. You know, for us, it was really important loving tequila. I also grew up at a bar on the Mexican border. Jess, Cam and I, not only did we want a delicious, great drinking tequila, but it was really important for us to have an authentic tequila.

- How important was that additive free taste to you guys?

- Some of the top tequilas, not traditionally made, not certified additive free tequilas are actually really suffering and have gone down in sales. Agave is a really special plant and if it's distilled correctly, it's a very special spirit. It should be... It should have high integrity.

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