Mijenta Reposado Tequila Review

I love how they handle their business, but is the tequila any good? Mijenta Reposado. I love, love, love their commitment to sustainability. Recycled glass bottle, recycled glass top. The paper label is made out of recycled agave fibers. Oh, cool. The box that it comes in is, there's no varnish on here at all.



It's almost like origami, so there's only one tiny bit of glue here for this whole box. I love how they handle their commitment to the environment. Let's give it a shot. Okay. Nice. Ooh, I like that nose a lot. Yeah, it's sweet, but not chloine and it doesn't have that heavy, heavy perfume that you sometimes get.

Yeah. It's a nice balanced nose. It's really nice. Ooh! Solid. Tasty. Yeah. Very harmonious all the way through, some nice nutty flavors, and a little bit of sweetness. It just carries all the long finish to still taste it. I wouldn't say it's like a roller coaster of flavors. But very, very nice. I think for people who are maybe not brand new tequila drinkers but are on the come up and maybe aren't ready for something super crazy, this is a good pick.

I really enjoy it. It's a little sweet, which I like but not like a fake sweet and it's not too, I don't get like a ton of vanilla or butterscotch or anything. I thought it's very enjoyable. I'm going to go 8. I like it very much. Yep. I'm going to go 8 also. Hey, hey! I know! I loved it. It's delicious!

And extra credit for the commitment to sustainability. Great job on the packaging. Thanks, Mijenta .


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