Mini Tequila Bottles

Why don't more brands make these mini bottles? I mean, they're great for tossing them in your purse, maybe bringing them up to the top of the ski slope. So why don't more brands make them? They're super cute too, right? They're like literally shrunk down.


But the reason more brands don't make minis, you don't see them very often, it's because they're really expensive to make. And then they're also hard to fill, right? You got to have a whole special filling machine. And they're much easier to break, obviously, than full-size bottles. You can't find them in storage very often.

But here's some favorites. Don Fulano, Fuenteseca. This little mini LALO is super cute, right? So cute. But I think the greatest minis in the world are these mini Skellys from Azulejos, right? They are absolutely unbelievable. I'm going to actually cardinal sin. I'm going to drink one of these. What do you think? Okay, let's do it.

Rip off his head. Rip off his head, daddy! Whoa! Skeleton head cork. Isn't that awesome? This is the cutest. These are super cute. Yeah, this is the Blanco. These are good to bring to a tailgate. Yes! Big fan. Cheers. Salud.

Ooh! Nice. That is good. That's got like a... Ooh, that's got like almost a little bit of a movie popcorn vibe to it. It's nice. Bits of real skeleton in there too, which is fantastic. If you can find minis, I think they're awesome to collect.

If you've got some favorites, put them in the comments. Interested to see what you have.


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