Mission Craft Cocktail Margarita

Is this the best pre-made margarita you can get? We'll see. We will find out. Look, there's so many margaritas you can get in a can, in a bottle, in a plastic sack. More all the time. But I actually think this is my favorite from Mission Craft Cocktails. This is not a sponsored post. We just really, really like this particular brand.


They've got a whole line. It's not just margaritas. They have Mai Tais and Old Fashions and Manhattans. All super good. 375ml is about $20, which is $5 or $7 per drink, which isn't a bad price. It's a 25% ABV. So about what a margarita would be in an actual bar setting.

So throw a lime in there, will you please? Okay. Yep.

Just a little squeeze. There we go. So you can find these in stores in California, or you can visit the link in the bio to buy them online. Let's try them. Cheers. These are our special agave mugs that you can get.

Yep. Good. So good. Oh yeah. Really good. Yeah. But it tastes like real tequila. So much of the pre-made margaritas have a very thick weirdo chemical taste. And this does not at all. No, this is good. Big fan. Grab them if you get a chance. Go to the bio. Buy some mugs from us too.


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