Morenos Liquor Store Shopping Trip

Hey, tequila Jay Baer, and almost every time I'm in Chicago, I make a pilgrimage to Moreno's, one of the best tequila stores in America. Let's see what they got. One of the things I love about Moreno's is that they've got a full line of expressions for so many great brands.


For example, they've got all of the Terralta, right? You got Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo for Terralta. That's amazing. You don't see that very often. So the other thing that's cool about Moreno's is they've got full line of the Siembra products the Siembra Valles and the Siembra Azul that's amazing and can be hard to find. Also, Santanera, which is a pretty tricky brand to find in some parts of the country.

Other things that excite me of in here, actually everything excites me here, but, the full Line of Amatiteña including the matajen series, which is an unbelievably artisanally produced tequila. Of course, all the Cazcanes as well is pretty spectacular. And that's not all. There's a whole nother aisle here, including Viva Mexico, which is a brand that is massively underrated and is going to be released more in the states coming soon.

If you find this a good choice, one of my favorite brands anywhere in the world. Wild Common they have that here at Moreno's. Talk about a bargain. Look at this. My friends at El Gran Legado De Vida 52 for this spectacular Blanco, that's a buy. You don't see this all the time.

Nueveuno, a great brand, relatively new. They've got all of those and the full line almost of all the El Tequileño. Here at Moreno's you can't go wrong every time in Chicago. I come here, you should do. Not a paid post. I just love these guys.


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