New Don Julio Alma Miel Joven Tequila

Should you try this new tequila from Don Julio? -It is Alma Miel Joven. It is a Blanco plus agave honey, plus a little bit of a 14-month aged añejo. They recommend you serve it with ice and a dehydrated orange wheel. So we have done that. Let's see how it is.

- That was yummy.

- Yeah! Pretty light nose. Not a lot to it.

- Yeah. It doesn't have a ton of flavor to me.

- No, not as much as I expected with the añejo. What I do notice though, and maybe this is the Agave honey, is it's just a little more syrupy than what you would get in a regular blanco. It doesn't have a bad like tequila-y aftertaste either, which I appreciate. It's not really my thing, but I can see people really liking this. It is very easy to drink and I would drink it, maybe like this with ice. For people who aren't really into like the strong agave flavors, I can see it.

-Totally! I completely agree. Yeah.

-Yeah! I'd probably go like a 7, maybe.

-Yeah! I'd probably be around the same. It's good, nothing special, but not offensive.

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