New Organic, Additive Free Blanco - It's Authentico Tequila!

Here's a new brand of tequila you should know.

Authentico. Jay and I helped work on this brand and we're really happy with the result.

Additive-free tequila made by fourth-generation Tequileros, who have always made tequila for the European and Mexican markets. Also co-owned by the distillery, so it's a Mexican-owned brand as well.

It's also USDA organic, and their distillery is powered by solar and natural gas.

Affordable as well. This Blanco is $37. Give it a try here.

All right. It's good.

It's so easy drinking, right? And so many additive-free tequilas, especially the more expensive ones are so agave and then you get black pepper and all these secondary flavors.

It can actually be a little bit of a conflict in cocktails. This was really engineered to be an amazing cocktail mixer.

Yeah. Which is what I prefer because I don't love all the black pepper.

This is like my new house pour for Margaritas, for Palomas, for Ranch Waters.

I think I'd give it like 8, 8 1/2.

It's very delicious.

Yeah. 8 1/2 for me as well. Especially at that price point. If you want to grab one of these, go to my bio.

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