New Tequila Jay Baer Merch

Do you love tequila? Do you love tequila? I love tequila. She loves tequila.

We've got amazing new merch for you just in time for Spring. Yes, we've got this great short sleeve shirt with the heart agave design on it. We've got it in three colors. Tri-blend, really comfortable, great quality. I think this is my favorite trucker hat we've ever done. The "I Love Agave" trucker. Three different colors. We've got the black, dark gray and this amazing baby blue. I love this color. On Maddie. Isn't it cool? Crew neck sweatshirt, iHeart Tequila. It's thin so it's good for Springtime. Just a light little layer. Yeah. If it's still a little chilly where you are, like it is here.

We still have hoodies in this too, in dark green and sand, which are really super comfortable. And back in stock, Maddie. And free shipping! Popular demand and free shipping back in stock. The famous agave cocktail glasses and agave shot glasses. And of course our, "I love tequila" tasting glasses.

Free shipping on everything. Check it out. Link in the bio.

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