Non-Alcoholic Tequilas

Big new trend these days. The non-alcoholic tequilas or tequila alternatives, and we've had to make them with a margarita, right?

Yeah. Best, best drink ever.

We made these with our favorite mixture, the Q margarita mix. All three of these available on Amazon.


That's actually not bad.

It's not bad at all. It's got a little bit of a... an aftertaste that is just unusual. Doesn't, I wouldn't really say it's tequila, but it doesn't bother me at all.

Yeah. I think it's pretty good.

Sort of residual sweetness and sort of like what you would have in a barrel. Free Spirits.

Sweeter. Yeah. Whoa, way sweeter. That one's a little funkier. It's almost got a... like, kind of like a coconut. It's almost, if you didn't tell me that this was a tequila alternative, I would say this was like a rum alternative. I would maybe do, since this one is a little bit sweeter, maybe this with like club soda and a lime, as like a ranch water or something. But, still good. Yeah. Spiritless Jalisco 55. Okay.

Oh. Hmm. That's different. It's not super tequila-y. No. That one is even more coconuty than than the second one. Yeah. That's got a very interesting combination of flavors that I don't love. This one too it just doesn't taste quite... enough like tequila. Yeah. Uhhuh. This one? Our favorite is this one.

Yeah. Yeah. The Ritual, zero proof would be the one we would pick, and also this is the least expensive one. Uhhuh. Yep. $30.


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