Painted Donkey v. Sparkle Donkey Showdown

Don't you want to know what's the best donkey tequila? We were actually at the store and these two were right next to each other. Painted Donkey and Sparkle Donkey. Painted Donkey, $25.


$25 and $30.

$30 for Sparkle Donkey. Both made by the same distillery.


So you're like, we ran out of names. Let's just go another Donkey.

Let's try this one. Painted Donkey.

Painted Donkey.

Not a whole lot. There smells like alcohol.

Yeah. It smells like a little bit like a laboratory.

It's like a tequila crossover with vodka.

But it's not gross. It doesn't have like any weird flavors. I've had way worse tequila than Painted Donkey. Let's try the Sparkle Donkey.


Like straight fruit perfume.

I cannot believe these are made at the same place.

You know, it doesn't taste bad. It's just weird Different. I have never had a tequila like that in my life. To me this tastes like Cherry Kool Aid with tequila in it.

You know, put some Starburst into a tequila or something.

So okay, this one tastes like vodka, this one tastes like Skittles. Which one do you like better? I would go this one probably, and I would mix it.

Well just because it's so weird, I kind of feel like, oh, Sparkle Donkey, it's got extra sparkle.


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