Pantalones Tequila Review

Alright. All right. All right.

It's time to try finally, the Pantalones, Matthew McConaughey's new tequila, Total Wine exclusive.

USDA organic, and it's around $45. Not my favorite-smelling Blanco. It's a little...

Hockey locker room.

I would say like a little cheesy.

It tastes better than it smells.

Yeah, I'd agree. It's not, it's not bad-tasting.

Nope, it's actually got quite a bit of flavor.

You definitely can taste the agave. It's not like my favorite Blanco.

It's pretty minty. Under what scenario would I buy this?


At $45 and it's kind of hard to think that through. But it's not a bad tequila, necessarily.

Yeah. No, I agree. I mean, I would; I wouldn't sit this straight, but I would mix it in something, but then it's like I know better mixing tequilas.

I'd say 6 1/2. Something like...

And I would say 6 1/2; I'll round it up to 7.

Keep your pants on, Pantalones.

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