Patron Smoky Tequila - Is it Any Good?

Patron has a new smoky tequila. Is it any good?

This is the Ahumado Silver for $70. Patron is thinking, Hey, a lot of people are liking Mezcal now, so maybe we should make like a weird Mezcal tequila Frankenstein.



Minerals? Uh huh and a tiny bits smokey. Yeah, it's not crazy. It's not any different than like a Matatena we've had on the show or Arte NOM 1123. It's a little smoky but it's not overwhelming at all,- yeah, not at all. But it's clean I like it. I don't mind the nose. Uh huh, I don't either. Oh. Hmm. Yeah. That's not my favorite. No. I feel like I smell like a campfire my breath now. I'm not a huge fan of smokey things. Yeah. I get you. But, I mean, if you like a Mezcal maybe. I don't know. And that's it, I love mezcal. I like Mezcal before I like tequila actually and so I don't mind the smokey character of it. It's actually the finish that gets me. It finishes kind of like the weird sweetness. I don't know if there's additives in this, but it just, it feels a little awkward. Like it's several different flavors like try to put together like a Lego set that doesn't really match up. It just doesn't really feel or taste harmonious to me. Now if you wanted to make like a smokey margarita and you didn't have mezcal, like you could use just like the regular Q M argarita Mix and just put this in there and like, boom. Done deal. I mean, I, yeah, I can't get past the smokiness, so I'm going to give it a four. A matter of Pass from Maddie, four. I like it a little bit better, but I feel like if you want this flavor profile, there's better options. I'm going to go a five. 

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