Patron v Don Julio Taste Test

Which should you drink, Patron or Don Julio?

Patron or Don Julio these are the reposados. We're going to try blind. They're both about $55.


Smells sweet.

Yeah, it's nice. It's not but it's not like, super fakey sweet, its not bad at all.

Okay, it's kind of buttery.

It's like a teeny bit hot, but not bad.

Long finish. Kind of have a little bit of like a rainwater vibe in there, which I kind of like. Yeah I would drink this. So, I'm going to drink it again.

Yeah. Not bad.


Thank you.

Let's try this one.


Smell this one here.

Oh, it smells much sweeter.

I think less of a nose overall though, or maybe that's just me, do you think that's true?

Yeah. Yeah. That's not quite as strong, but I do think it smells sweeter than the other one.

Definitely sweeter.

It's got more of a syrupy character to it.

Tastes sweeter too.

Yeah. Yeah, I don't like that one as much.

I definitely prefer the first one. No question about it.

Yeah, I like the first one too. I don't mind this, but it definitely has additives in it. so yeah, I'll say the first one as well.

Which was the first one? Hey, Patron is the winner of the Patron versus Don Julio Challenge.


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