Quintaliza Reposado (Tequila Aged in Coffee Barrels!)

The first ever tequila aged in coffee barrels. Yum or yuck? I'm guessing yum.

Quintaliza Reposado. So what they do on this
is they take the Blanco, they put it in regular American oak barrels for two months.



Then they take it out of those barrels and they put it in barrels that have held cold brew coffee for three months and then they bottle it.

It's a patented process now.
So nobody has ever done this. Which is kind of freaky deaky. Yeah. Like 80 bucks, something like that. You can get it on their website. Okay. Link in my bio. Check it out. Let's see.

I like the smell of that. Yeah. Wow. It actually doesn't smell anything like coffee. No, but it's got a nice sweet, it smells to me like dark chocolate. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I get that too. It's got a little bit of that bitterness. It's, Ooh, nice. Maybe a little caramel too. Yes. That's a nice smell.
Wow. That's really good.

It's unlike any other tequila. Never had anything like that. Yeah. Nope. It tastes like regular tequila for an instant, right? And then it very quickly goes off this like, oh, now it's coffee. It's really fascinating in your mouth. It's like a thrill ride. All these sensation. It's like regular reposado now, like coffee, and then it finishes dry.

I really like it. It's like my two favorite things to drink are coffee and tequila. So this is like a love project. Man, think about how popular coffee based cocktails are now. Yeah, I think this would be delicious in an espresso martini. I'm a huge fan.

What are you going to give it? I am going to give it a nine. Whoa. I know. How many nines have you ever given out? Like a handful. I dig it to, I'm going eight. Nine and eight. Big score for the liza Reposado aged in cold brew coffee barrels. Check my bio for a link to get it.

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