Santo Anejo Tequila Review

It's a brand new additive-free Añejo from Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar. Is it worth it?

Santo Añejo. This is their very first ever Añejo. This is made at El Viejito, really, really cool distillery. They're an old one, Nom 1107. This is like two years in American Oak. So they definitely rested it for a little bit and I think it's 75.



Okay. Something like that. Just coming out now, so you might not even have seen it in stores. All right. Mmm. Ooh. It smells delicious. It's got a classic, classic Añejo nose for sure. Sweet. This is like a bakery. Yeah. You know? But not gross fake, but it definitely has those pecan muffin thing.


This is good. Yeah, it is good. You know what's nice? It's got that sweetness, but it also has enough body and depth and a little spice to it. I mean, you know, you're drinking tequila. Yeah. They're not trying to fake that. Obviously it is additive-free, which helps. Yeah. But it has a little bit of an orange to me, I think. I get a little bit of orange. Orange-ey zest to it, which is really nice and different. It's definitely sweeter, which is, which I enjoy, but it's not just like straight vanilla in your face. I'd say 8, probably 8.5 if we did half points. But I'm going to go 8, which is a conservative score for me.

Really nice effort. This is worth picking up. All right. I'm going to go 8. Hey! Also. Yeah. I like this one a lot. Right up my alley.

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