Should You Put Tequila in the Freezer?

What happens when you put tequila in the freezer? Well, it gets super cold. Yeah! But what else? When any beverage is very cold, it mutes the aromas and the flavor comp. Drink a room temperature Coors Light.

I don't think I'd want to drink any beer at room temperature. That sounds disgusting. Then you should never go to London. So we got a bottle of Lalo Blanco. Yep! Put it in the freezer overnight. This is a bottle of Lalo at room temperature. Try regular first. There you go. Oh, it's good. Good! Just a solid tequila. Yeah! I like Lalo a lot. Just solid. Delicious! Russian vodka shot. Perfect, yeah. I poured it and it looked like syrup. Yeah. Well, it didn't smell like anything. Yeah, not really. Yeah, that's kind of crazy. It's not offensive or anything. It's not bad! It just doesn't really taste like very much. The coldness is kind of refreshing. It also, I feel like, goes more like straight down; whereas this one, you kind of let sit on your tongue. I don't think this is the right way to drink, especially good tequila, because it's a waste. You're actually putting all the flavors and aromas that you paid for and you're muting them in your freezer. No, I agree. I prefer this one.

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