Suerte Tequila Seltzer Review

New tequila seltzers from Suerte. Should you give these a shot? Might as well try them. Just coming out now from the same NOM that they make their great tequila at NOM 1530. So legit tequila in here. They've got a Ranch Water, a Paloma, and a Margarita. Each of these are 7% ABV. So yeah, let's have a party!


All right, let's try it. This is the Ranch Water. This one's the Paloma. Paloma, got a little color to that one, huh? This one is the Margarita. Let me try this one.

Tasty? Yeah. It's interesting. There's very little lime. Try this. Okay. Very little lime at all, which I like. I don't like too much lime in my ranch water. That's nice. Oh, yeah. That's good. You know what's crazy about this? Refreshing. You would never know that 7%. No, that's easier drinking than like a Pinion. And those are only 5%, I think. Yeah, agreed. Good.

Thumbs up on the Ranch Water. All right, let's try the Paloma. You're kind of a Paloma snob, so let me see what you think. No, I like it. Not too bitter, which sometimes grapefruit gets pretty bitter. But it doesn't taste fake. So many grapefruit or Paloma, RTDs seltzers taste really artificial. That's nice. Yummy. I like it. I like it, too.

That's pretty good. That's pretty good. I would drink that canned cocktail. I would, too. I like all three of them. It's not overwhelmingly sweet, which is nice. But definitely the sweetest of the three. Definitely, the sweetest of three.

Which one do you like the best? Probably the Paloma. Me, too. I'm going to say the Paloma. This is my second favorite. Margarita, my third favorite, but I like them all. How about you? I would go first, second, third, but I like them all, too. This has a little bit more flavor for me.

Nice job, Suerte! I think these are winners. Look for them in a store near you soon!


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