Tanteo Easy Spicy Margarita

Which is the best way to make a spicy Margarita fast?

We're going to take the Tanteo additive-free, regular Blanco, and the Jalapeño Blanco.

This is a spicy mix.

This is a regular mix.


Hmm. That's tasty.

It is nice. This is also a spicy grapefruit margarita mix.


So we added a little grapefruit to this other one too to keep it fair.

That's a good flavor.


Really good. I like it better than a normal margarita, honestly. Because the grapefruit and the... Yeah!

It's not too sweet, either. I would drink this all day long. And how long does this take to make?

Like two minutes, not even.

Jalapeño infuse with regular mix and a little dash of grapefruit mixer in there too. Yeah.


Because it's probably not as spicy as that one.

It's actually, yeah, it's really not.

But it's more vegetal. It's more like legit jalapeño.

It tastes like, yeah, more like regular jalapeños.

The mix is actually spicier than the tequila.

Yeah. I think I actually like this one better.

Gosh, I don't think you can really go wrong on this answer.

Yeah, they're both delicious. I would finish both of them.

Yeah. Well, you get to pick one to finish in a second. I'm going to pick one to finish. I agree. I think maybe this one.



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