Tepozan Anejo Tequila Review

What is it?

An añejo!

And what is it called?


Tepozan, great job! $60, $69 or something. 40% ABV. Aged 14 months in American Oak, used Bourbon Barrel. Let's see what we think for this tepozan.


All right!. Smells sweet. I like the smell.

Yeah, the balance is really nice. But it's not gross sweet. It doesn't have like that really fakey characteristic.

Mm- Hmm.

It's a nice balance.


Oh wow!


Very much so! I think bourbon drinkers will really like this. It's got a lot of wood character, but it's not over the top though.

No, not at all. Because I like it and I don't love when it's over the top wood.

You don't like this super oaky.

This would be a great balance of just in between and it's at a great price point also. If you're an Añejo lover, I think this tepozan is a good bet. I dig it. I'm going to go 8.5.

And I'm going to go 8 and I would buy it, which is shocking! I don't say that often.

Well, it is a discovery! Tepozan Añejo.


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