Tequila Bottle Neckers - Feat. Authentico

You might be in a liquor store of some kind and see these hang tags, or sometimes they're called neckers, on bottles. And I always find it interesting, Maddie, what people choose to put on them. Right?



So this is from Patron, and their big message is that this is keto friendly, but all tequila is gluten-free. So it's not just that brand at all. What do you got there? Yeah. This one is Solana. It shows the awards that they've won and then also has some recipes on the back. I really like this one from our friends at Authentico, Maddie. And I actually worked with this brand a little bit when they were being launched. Every one of their expressions have a hang tag from a famous Mexican street artist, Alberto Lozano. And then it's all a portrait of the Goddess Mayahuel. Yep! But check out how cool it is. They're each subtly different. Yep. This one is during the day because that's when they say it would be really good to drink it. This one is at dusk, dawn. And then this one is nighttime. Yeah. The animals are different, too. It's the animals that are actually out in Mexico during those times of day, which is really cool. And then inside the hang tag, you've got information about the artist, which is great, about the tequila itself, about the process. And then on the back, you've got a QR code that you can shoot that goes to a video about the brand story. So I just kind of figure, if you're going to go into the trouble of making one of these, right? And then putting it on the bottles, provide as much information as possible. Yeah. And then ideally, something that's really kind of cool and talkable, noteworthy like this. Yeah, I agree. Bravo to Authentico.

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